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Military Laser experiment, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Market Your Physics & Photonics Products to Active Researchers

By popular demand, we are debuting a series of Physics/Photonics Show™ Expositions at universities around the nation.

Physics/Photonics Show™ Expositions are a venue for equipment suppliers to meet with university researchers in an academic setting. While in attendance, product suppliers can demonstrate their products directly to end users at universities and research facilities in their targeted area.

These shows provide an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with researchers at top-funded universities nationwide in the fields of:

• Physics • Microphotonics
• Photonics • Biophotonics
• Quantum optics  

If your company produces hardware or software used in any aspect of light research, application, or development, these research product marketing events are for you. By attending one of the premier Physics/Photonics Show™ Expositions, you are provided with a unique opportunity to:

    • Gain visibility for your brand and products
    • Participate in end-user product education & professional networking
    • Increase bottom line sales

Trade shows continue to be a cost-effective way to promote your services and showcase your products.

You can
      • Demonstrate your products
      • Distribute product samples
      • Answer product and research protocol questions
      • Address nonverbal communication clues
      • Overcome objections
      • Network with industry professionals
      • Establish personal relationships with your customers

With a targeted network of researchers at top funded photonics universities, we connect you with the target audiences you are seeking. Let us show you how our events bring both excellent value and effective brand exposure for your marketing dollar.

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